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Late Bloomer Guardian Angel

I'm a very sweet little girl who is special needs because I'm wobbly.

March 10, 2022
Farewell Yentl.

Sweet Yentl departed the #latebloomerclub last night. She came to SaveABunny in Feb 2019, part of a group of bunnies found dumped in a box in San Francisco, many with medical issues and obvious signs of neglect. Yentl arrived with severe hind end weakness from unknown causes and when it became apparent the issue was ongoing, she was invited to join the Late Bloomer Club in Sept 2019.

From the beginning Yentl fit right in, sharing the donut bed with Ting and grooming the other members. She also lived up to her name (Yiddish for busybody) always bright and curious about what everyone was up to and pulling herself to where the action was.
Over time the hind end weakness turned into paralysis that crept up her body yet her personality remained intact. Though she couldn't get around much she'd monitor the LBC goings on carefully and make her displeasure clear if someone interfered with her veggies and treats, which she chowed down with gusto til the very end.

Yentl far outlived her original prognosis and when her body was shutting down spent her remaining hours in the donut bed snuggling with her friends as they came to say goodbye. While very sad, Yentl departed peacefully and surrounded by love.