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The Truth About Meat Rabbits

What is Happening To Rabbits

Did you know that domestic "rabbit meat" is the exact same breed as a friendly, loving pet bunny? Sadly, rabbit meat is being promoted as the new "organic, sustainable and humane" meat?
This is a frighteningly cruel and unnecessary trend that impacts you and ALL animal lovers. But, you CAN help:

Mobile Slaughter House Proposal In Marin

The Marin Board of Supervisors stunned and disappointed animal lovers in Marin by overturning a long-standing ban on animal slaughter in Marin county. The Board of Supervisors is very political and biased toward profit-seeking ranches and the "slow food trend." Despite hundreds of people speaking out against slaughter the Marin County Board of Supervisors, led by Katie Rice, voted in INCREASE rabbit meat production and slaughter. A HUGE loss to rabbits. See more about this and how this affects rabbits here.

Major Rabbit Meat Supplier: Devil's Gulch Ranch in Marin County, California

From (accessed November 22, 2016)

Below is information from Devil's Gulch website.
As you can see from the photo their "meat" rabbits are calm, easy to handle domestic breed rabbits. NOT wild rabbits.

Rabbits raised free of hormones or antibiotics

"Our rabbits are fed a pelleted feed along with grass and hay to ensure complete nutrition. We work with a local feed mill to produce the pelleted feed to our specifications. It is free from corn, hormones, or antibiotics; however, the feed cannot be certified organic at this time, due to certain components being unavailable as organically certified.

Our rabbits are selectively bred to be of excellent quality, large-framed and meaty. They are a combination of three breeds: Rex, New Zealand and Californian. Californian and New Zealand breeds are related and currently are the most popular commercial meat breeds due to their fast growth. The Rex breed, while being an excellent meat breed, is particularly known for its fine fur. Our Rex rabbits have a very mellow temperament. This is useful in their mothering and nurturing their young and in handling in general. While they grow somewhat less quickly than the New Zealand and Californian breeds, we use the Rex to add hybrid vigor and positive temperament characteristics. Additionally, some feel that the meat from Rex rabbits is firmer and better flavored than that of the other meat breeds, which could be due to the Rex's slower growth.

The {sic} produce all of our breeding Does ourselves. Bucks are occasionally purchased from high-quality breeders to increase genetic diversity, and we occasionally supply other producers with breeding stock. The rabbits are produced all year, but due to the high demand from restaurants, they are not always available for retail sale.

Superior quality pelts and rabbits feet are available as well.

Retail and wholesale purchases available by contacting or stop by the Sunday Civic Center Farmers Market in Marin County.
Pork: Duroc or Berkshire boar
Rex, New Zealand and Californian Rabbits"

Whole Foods Rabbit Meat Program Stopped After Public Outcry

In 2014, Whole Foods Market began a pilot program to sell rabbit meat in several regions. After considerable backlash from the house rabbit community, including protests and boycotts, Whole Foods decided to end their pilot without expanding.

Recent Rescues

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