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Rabbits are loving, social animals and America's 3rd most popular furry pet. It's unethical to abuse, torture, slaughter or use rabbits for testing cosmetics. Rabbits can't speak and need us to be their voice in the face of human indifference. Follow the House Rabbit Society or join the Rabbit Advocacy Network on Facebook, to help ensure rabbits are treated humanely.

December 17, 2017

Rabbit rescuers in Southern California reached out to us about 40+ rabbits were confiscated from a hoarding situation. SaveABunny offered to take in eight, and a volunteer from Save Somebunny Rabbit Rescue transported them up here where they will be cared for, neutered (for those who are not neutered) and placed into loving homes. The rabbits carpooled with eight turtles who are finding placement and care with Sonoma County Reptile Rescue.

We have given them surfer names. Please meet:

Some posts from their journey: