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UPDATE: Sacramento Meat Rabbit Rescue FEBRUARY 2014


On February 15, 2014, three SaveABunny volunteers and Marcy rescued 29 rabbits from cruelty and slaughter at a Sacramento "family" meat farm. Additionally, we purchased all cages (which went right into the dump) so that this rabbit meat operation would not continue.

These terrified, but non-aggressive rabbits were crammed into wire cages right next to where their babies, brothers and sisters were being slaughtered. Many were traumatized from being treated so poorly and others emotionally shut down from seeing killing and hearing the screams of rabbits dying.

The photo below is the breeder holding one of the rabbits for their craigslist ad.

Here is the original craigslist ad that shows the sensitive and loving bunny we now call "Kingsley" being held by the middle of his back by the breeder.

And below is Kingsley after a few weeks of love and kindness.

This intensive rescue would not have been possible without the extraordinary dedication from two great rescue groups from Washington state and working together, all 29 rabbits were brought to safety.

Sue Brennan, at Rabbit Haven in Gig Harbor, Washington and Marcy worked closely together. Sue raised the money to rescue the bunnies and buy the cages cages while Marcy volunteered SaveABunny to do the undercover rescue and temporarily shelter all 29 rabbits. Time was of the essence to save these bunnies since they were being advertised for meat production to the first bidder. Angie and Tamara from Special Bunny rushed in to help with transport from San Francisco Bay area to Washington state for many of the rabbits. We appreciated helped from Team Fur, Sacramento HRS, and other groups who took in a few rabbits and placed them up for adoption.

These are photos of the filthy cages after we loaded them up on our truck. We needed to work quickly and did not take photos of the rabbits in their cages, because we did not tell them the rabbits were going to rescue. They would have killed the rabbits in front of us.

At this point, December 2014, most of the rabbits have found homes or are in sanctuary at Rabbit Haven in Gig Harbor, Washington State or at SaveABunny. If you would like to meet the bunnies at SaveABunny who are still available for adoption their photos are listed below. Photos of almost all of the original rescue rabbits are below as well.

We would like to extend a special thanks to the ASPCA for a $25,000 grant in 2013 that allowed us to build a play area that we were able to convert temporarily into an overflow and emergency triage center for these precious rabbits who deserved to be a treasured family member and not someone's dinner.

Mojo, Kahuna and Kingsley are STILL AVAILABLE to carefully screened homes:

ABOVE: Mojo. Very sweet and handsome, neutered boy!

ABOVE:Kahuna, formerly known as Acorn. Needs lots of TLC and socializing. Neutered boy

ABOVE: Kingsley. Needs lots of TLC and socializing. Neutered boy.


Bugsy Jo
Gypsy Rose
Happy Nose
Honey Boo-Boo
Sporty Spice
Jan Brady
Patty Cake