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Dec 19 2014
Shelter of Origin: 
Marin Humane Society

Yes, it's true! I have been adopted by a SaveABunny alumni adopter who is working to bond me with her two other bunnies (from SaveABunny) Filbert and Macademia!
Hello, everybun! My name is Widdle, and as you can see, I am quite a widdle guy! Don't let that fool you, though, I can still pack quite the thump!
I came to SaveABunny after I had a fight with my brothers and sisters. I think they were a little too rough, because I needed some extra care afterwards. Everyone here has been really nice to be and they give me pets and snuggles all the time, even when I'm trying to play on top of my hay holder! I love all the attention, but it really leaves me having to groom my fur every 5 minutes. I can't let this wonderful fluff get messy! I even clean my face when people are holding me, just to be sure they always see me at my best.

I'd love to have a forever home with people who can admire my beautiful, fluffy self!