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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
Petaluma Animal Shelter

Sad News Update 1/9/10
We are very saddened to report that Tinkerbell passed away today during surgery to remove her badly mallocluded front teeth. In the short time we had Tinkerbell we grew very attached and concerned for her. He jaw was malformed an her teeth were a total mess, but we were trying to give her every chance possible. Tinkerbell had likely had a very rough rough life after she was callously discarded in a box in a parking lot, All of us here at SaveABunny loved her and wanted only the best for her--a long healthy life filled with love. We miss our Tinkerbnell, a little beam of brightness who was just beginning to shine.

Hi. My name is Tinkerbell and I am a beautiful, shy, little baby girl.
It's hard to imagine that some cold-hearted person left me in a box outside of a local shelter along with another bunny (we are not bonded).

I was cold, frightened and unable to eat well or groom myself, because my teeth were badly mallocluded. Two of my teeth had broken off and the others were just sticking out of my mouth.

I am a medical rescue for SaveABunny and I will need dental surgery will be need when I am stronger. In the meantime, I am healing and getting lots of lot, warmth and the care I need to survive.

We need to raise about $500 and your generous donation to help me, and the other bunnies in need is URGENTLY needed. Please help me with a tax deductible donation. Any size donation will really help.
Thanks for caring about me and helping me learn that life doesn't need to hurt anymore.