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Tabasco and Cholula

In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.
Foster Home

Cholula (brown rex girl) sadly passed away in 2012. Tobasco passed away in 2014.

Hi! We are Tobasco (white, handsome, neutered boy) and Cholula (brown, spayed, shy rex girl). If you love hot stuff and spice you'll recognize our names as being those of hot sauces. The reason is that I, Tobasco, am a very fiery, hot-headed guy! I can be friendly if I feel like it, but quite frankly if you aren't bringing me any food, I don't see the point of being especially interested in you.
My bunny girlfriend Cholula on the other hand is sweet and friendly. So, even though I know I make it a bit harder on us to get adopted (we're bonded and we must be adopted together), I just can't help myself!
I hope you find my honesty refreshing and will consider adopting us!

I came to SaveABunny with a wound on my chest but I am all healed and healthy and ready to go home with you!