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Apr 1 2011
Shelter of Origin: 
Petaluma Animal Shelter

My foster mom is gonna adopt me!

Hi. My name is Spork. You know, like those picnic style combination spoon and forks? I'm also sort of a dork.

Mostly, I'm a REALLY gentle,loving,peaceful and playful neutered lop mix boy. Unfortunately, I was born with my back legs splayed and would have been euthanized if rescue was not possible.

The HAPPY & GREAT news is that Dr. Debra Scheenstra and SaveABunny came to my rescue. Dr. Scheenstra fostered me for several weeks and braced my legs in a way that I am now doing REALLY REALLY well and can be adopted.

I LOVE attention and people! Nothing makes me happier than being stroked and talked with by people who love me.

The lucky person who adopts me should plan to keep me on carpet or a soft area. I love to run, play and dance, but you'll want to keep me safe, so in addition to regular bunny-proofing no slippery floors, please.

Please visit me soon!