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Jan 10 2010
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

I've been adopted!
Yes, you know you want me. Look at this face. This body.
I can be your Sharrona, if you just sing my praises.

I am a very pretty and photogenic spayed, female fuzzy lop. I just want you to know that a girl like me takes no prisoners and I know what I want. If you treat me right, I'll let you pet me. If I decide I don't like you, then you'll just have to worship me from afar.

Spirited, occasionally cranky and always opinionated rabbits like me can be really fun companions for bunny guardians who understand bunny language.
Rabbits are actually edgy and self-righteous. It's all about them.

When you respect the will of a rabbit you will win the affection of a girl like me.

Are you worthy?