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Rosebud, formerly A273484, "Neche" at SFACC

In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

UPDATE 11/18/09: Note from Marcy, SaveABunny Founder
We are very sad to report that we lost little Rosebud today.
All of us here grew very fond of her in the short time she was here at SaveABunny. She was surrendered to San Francisco Animal Care and Control by someone who was unable to care for an abscess on her face.

We took Rosebud (her shelter name was Neche) in with the hope that the abscess was not a dental problem deep in the jaw bone. While she was in our care we treated her daily with pain meds, wound care and of course, lots of love. She was very sweet and enjoyed getting love and was remarkably patient with her medical treatments.

Our guess was that Rosebud had also not yet been spayed. As an intact, older female rabbit, her risk for cancer was high.
In the few weeks she lived here we were very upset and concerned to see a large mass develop on her side. Once she seemed strong enough for spay surgery we sent her in today.

X-rays showed jaw involved for the abscess, which is very painful and nearly impossible to treat or cure without major surgery to remove part of the jaw. Additionally, there was a large mass present in her abdominal area.

We made the difficult, though compassionate choice we felt we could make to let her go and not wake her up from anesthesia. Her prognosis was very grim and we felt she was and would be suffering.

These decisions weigh heavily on us as we have only had to make this type of choice a handful of times in over 10 years of rescue work.

Our first priority is ALWAYS doing what is best for the rabbit---even if it means extra work or expense for us, or in this case, saying goodbye to someone we love.

We gave her Reiki and prayers to send her on her journey and we hope she is somewhere running and playing in a world without pain.

We are very grateful to DR Bing Dilts at SFACC and Dr. Carolynn Harvey for their compassion and partnership in care.

Hello. My name is Rosebud and I am a very dainty, feminine Dutch girl. I was surrendered to the animal shelter by someone who could not afford vet bills to treat an abscess on my face. Fortunately, I was able to get some initial treatment at San Francisco Animal Care and Control and then a rescue spot opened up for me at SaveABunny.

I have continued to improve here at SaveABunny and very soon I will be ready for adoption to a new home. While my health may be ok, it's still important to remember that proper care for a bunny can be expensive. When you adopt a bunny, or any other animal for that matter, it's best to plan ahead for veterinary emergencies, which can be costly. I am eager to be a loved and treasured family member with you, so I really hope you'd visit me soon. Please love me!

Below is my "before" photo when I was at the city shelter hoping for rescue: