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Ricardo Montalban, formerly Hershey from Rohnert Park Animal Services

Feb 24 2010
Shelter of Origin: 
Rohnert Park Animal Shelter
Foster Home

I've been dopted by my foster mom!

Hello. My name is Ricardo Montalban and I am a suave, debonair and elegant bunny with my white turtleneck. Don't I look just MARVELOUS?!

I am a spirited, passionate neutered boy who is intense and knows what I like. I would prefer to be with a confident, experienced bunny lover who knows how to please a bunny. I give back as good as I get, so you won't be disappointed.

I have dashing style and love luxury and the good life. Fresh greens and pampering go a long way with me. I am pictured here with an artisan, hand-made fused glass dish available to for sale at SaveABunny's Etsy online store. The people at SaveABunny appreciate all things beautiful and that is both me and the original artwork created to support SaveABunny's rescue efforts. This dish is food safe and perfect for you or me! Check out more artwork at SaveABunny's Etsy store. Click here to Shop and Save Lives

Please visit me soon darling and let me show you my own very special brand of bunny love.