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Pong (bonded pair with Ping)

Feb 1 2013
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.
Group Rescue: 
Oakland Rescue June 2011
Foster Home

Pong is one of two bonded brothers. His brother is Ping. They love each other very much and must be adopted together. These bunnies were part of a large scale rescue of rabbits being raised for meat in Oakland. They are loving and deserving of a forever home---not being eaten or abused.

A Message From Ping and Pong's Foster Mom:

Pong is the adventurer! He's first out of the gate when the door opens, he's the first to play with new toys, he's the first to taste EVERYTHING in his vicinity. He's slightly bigger and rounder than little brother Ping. Pong is the go-getter, he's the little child that gets into anything when your back is turned. He gets to know things by his mouth first, so if you are wearing something he wants to know more about, expect a nibble or nip just so he can figure out more about your shoes, slippers, or jeans. He is a sweet bunny, but more headstrong than gentle. Pong's motto is "so much to explore, so little time!" He is gracious with his younger brother Ping, and I get the feeling he's the Protector of the two. Pong will make a good bunny for an experienced rabbit owner with a rabbit proofed house. In Watership Down, Pong would be BigWig.

BOTH bunnies are:
1. startled easily by loud noises or new sounds
2. nibblers - they nibble on everything so watch your wooden furniture!
3. curious, smart, willing, energetic, and playful... but definitely in need of socializing, especially when it comes to touch, handling, and petting.