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Pee Wee

May 23 2020

Laaa laaa ditty-daaaaah….

Oh sorry, I just have a song stuck in my head! Anyway, my name is Pee Wee, and whenever volunteers come by, they always like to squeak my name. I wonder if they know I have big ears? I mean, I can hear them just fine if they whisper, speak softly, or even better, sing!

You see, my current abode is situated right next to this cool device one of the volunteers told me is called a “com-pyooo-ter.” What’s so neat about this thingy is that it plays really nice music.

So far, I’ve heard stuff by folks named Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Elton John, and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Right now, I’m listening to this interesting fella named Bob Dylan!

I love to sit, close my eyes, and tune my ears to the calming music. Nothing too exciting, please (I’m told by the volunteer that the music group DragonForce wouldn’t be my taste). I prefer something soft - classical or perhaps acoustic guitar.

I would also like to chew on an acoustic guitar. When you adopt me, I request that the guitar’s wood be unfinished pine and its strings be removed beforehand.

It's nice to stay in bed and snuggle your blankie on Sunday mornings. ~Pee WeePee Wee's a clever boy who knows his...

Posted by SaveABunny on Sunday, November 22, 2015