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Pawdme Amidala

Feb 2 2020
Foster Home

Hi, I am named after the famous Star Wars Queen Amidala. I am quite beautiful and have a powerful, regal presence.
I have had a very tough life so far and am quite a survivor. Even though I have been treated unkindly, and I have some emotional and physical wounds, I am ready to be loved and to love you in return. Have you ever felt that when the right person (or bunny companion!) shows up you could really shine? Due to neglect I have some ongoing dental issues which will need follow up. I would be so grateful for your love and care.

I promise that what you give me in love and healing I will return to you tenfold.

I'm waiting to meet you and we will be healers together.

Pawdme came to SaveABunny a day or two after giving birth to 4 babies, all of whom sadly died the afternoon they arrived.