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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
Private Rescue

6/12/10 Note from Marcy, SaveABunny Founder.
Sweet,gentle Oroville died unexpectedly today following neuter surgery. Deaths from spay/ neuter surgery are actually rare and the benefits of spay/ neuter far outweigh the risks.
These little guys from Oroville were very neglected and malnourished when we got them and so Oroville may have still been fragile.
We'll never know what happened, but are comforted to at least know that he had time with people who loved in in a clean and safe environment. Goodbye little friend.

Hi.My name is Oroville. My friends Gridley, Wildwood,Arbuckle,and I all were rescued from a terrible neglect situation in Oroville,CA.
It was really dirty and there wasn't enough good food or clean water for so many bunnies.

However, despite being malnourished and very poorly cared for, we are actually all really sweet, gentle rabbits.We are just a little shy at first.We are curious,mellow and sweet and healing up very well.We will soon be available for adoption. It would be ideal if we could be adopted with a friend or as a companion to your rabbit. I am a an angora mix bunny and need daily combing. As you can see, my fur is still a bit matted from the neglect. Anyone who adopts me should enjoy brushing and grooming me every day!

We are estimated to be between 8 mos. to one year old.