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Feb 26 2017
Shelter of Origin: 
Sonoma County Animal Control
Foster Home

I've been adopted by my foster family! Hooray!

Hi! My name is Nova. "You might think I've been dealt a tough hand by fate, but I'm not going to let that get in the way of enjoying life!

I was picked up by the Sonoma County Animal Shelter as a stray. I had a really bad case of ear mites and difficulty balancing and moving around. A nice vet helped get rid of the mites and the ear infection that made me so dizzy, but I move in a bit of a "wobbly" way that keeps me from moving around quite as well as a normal bunny. I don't really mind, though -- it's so much fun to run and binky! I really love to binky during playtime...and after dinner, and when I know I'm about to get fresh hay!

I love to keep tabs on what's going on and I'm very good at supervising humans to make sure they're doing things right. Some of my favorite hobbies include tossing toys, remodeling cardboard boxes, and reclining against the wall while getting snuggles. I love to get snuggles so much, I just chomp my teeth in bliss! I'm very good at using my litter box and I just can't decide which is my favorite vegetable. My foster mother wasn't able to adopt me, so I came back to SaveABunny to find my forever home. My human says that my gorgeous ears, exuberant binkies, and sweet, engaging personality will make me a delightful part of your family -- and I know she's right!"

Nova at play in her foster home.

We are fostering Nova, a bunny from SaveABunny, for the holidays. Here she is checking out the play area in the family room. She is a very friendly bunny who enjoys being petted and sitting in laps which is very unusual for rabbits.

Posted by Adam Santos on Sunday, December 15, 2013