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Munchin and Squirtel

Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services
Humane Society of Silicon Valley

Hello. Our names are Munchin and Squirtel.
We are smallish girl bunnies who were left at the shelter after being found running loose in the neighborhood. Our owner didn't keep us in a safe environment. We were left loose in the backyard to be chased by predators at night. So, of course we ran away! We are looking for a safe loving home to make our own. We are too young to have our spay surgeries, but our shelter advocate can assist with fund to get us fixed if we are adopted. Squirtel ( white and grey) is curious and not shy. Munchin (white bunny) needs a gentle touch to learn to trust again. We prefer to be adopted out together so that we can keep each other company when you are gone during the day. If you can save use from euthanasia, please contact our rabbit advocate. We promise to be wonderful additions to your family. Hugs and Hops, Munchin and Squirtel.

11/15/2009 - we were rescued by the Human Society of Silicon Valley. Yea !