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Jun 1 2019

Why hello, my name is Lucille! Gosh, it sure is a pleasure to meet you. Well, ah… my apologies, I’m just a little bit shy is all. But once I warm up to you, you can be sure I give the best of snuggles!

If you are interested, here are the steps for winning my heart. First, when approaching my cage, please announce yourself! Such introductions are only proper in my elegant company!

Second, when opening my cage, please bow your head. It’s only polite to bow to a lady!

Thirdly, present me with your hand for petting. I will then sniff your hand. If approved, you may then pet my forehead.

Finally, when you and I have established a good rapport, you may once again bow your head to me, and then gently kiss my forehead.

Should you follow my instruction to the letter, you will find yourself in my good graces. You might even find me smiling at you!