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Little Mustang

Dec 14 2013
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Foster Home

Photo update 1/19/13

Little Mustang continues to make progress and we believe we have stopped the infection. Now we are focusing even more on his emotional healing. He has clearly been very traumatized. It's possible that he spent most of his life trapped in a filthy small cage. He appears to be 4-5 years old.

We are patiently and lovingly helping him learn to play again. He is discovering that he is safe and life doesn't have to be filled with pain and neglect. He is cautiously enjoying his freedom and playtime. He loves when we snuggle him and he gives us kisses!

For now, he is not adoptable to the general public, but would consider adopting him to an exceptional rabbit savvy home.

UPDATE 12/12/12
Despite multiple antibiotics, we have been unable to stop the infection in Little Mustang's feet. We are concerned about bone involvement. He had very extensive wounds due to extreme neglect. He is so loving and such a trooper! Please send healing thoughts his way.

Note From SaveABunny Founder

Little Mustang's touching story and angelic little face makes one wonder how sometimes people can be so cruel This adorable, brave less than 3 pound dwarf bunny came into San Francisco Animal Care and Control near starvation and missing much of his warm and protective fur.

His vertebral column protruded from his back and his little front paws were deeply infected with painful abscesses.


Yet, despite horrible neglect and possible abuse, his will to live was strong and his trust in humans is still intact. He even give bunny kisses!

Little Mustang is receiving extensive medical attention and is not currently available. Please keep good thoughts out there for a full recovery and watch for updates on his healing progress!