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Dec 23 2017

Mrrrr. *grunt* Huh?

Oh. A visitor. Great.

Now I have to get up and type this description of me and learn to type and find my glasses and…

*SNORT* Mrrrrmm…my name is Kringle. I’m going to give you one “hohoho” and that’s it, you hear me? Those days of being a bunny Santa at the mall are behind me. Good riddance, I say.

What, you want some kinda magic or something? Listen you sprout, I ain’t the real Santa, and if I was, I wouldn’t be wasting my time flying around the world in one night! What kind of crazy old fool does that, anyway? Might break a hip…

Everyone just runs around, always in a hurry, like they’re being chased. It was always the same at that mall – no one ever slowed down to think about other people. No one appreciates us old folk anymore.

The only bun around here who seems to get it is Secret Agent Cool Whip. But he’s always off on some secret mission. It’d be nice to have someone to talk to. Er-not that I’m lonely, you see. I ain’t no softy! I just meant that… maybe I wouldn’t be so grumpy all the time if I had someone to help me take my mind off things. That’s all.

That’s all.