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Oct 1 2017

Hi there. My-my name is Jitterbug! My brother Bebop is usually the one who does all the introductions. "Cause I prefer to check you out first.

I'm the brains of the operation. Some people say my brother, Bebop, has the looks. He always gets the ladies and the lookers-on. However, the volunteers here think I'm really handsome with my muscular frame and smoldering eyes. I am just selective about the people I let in my inner circle. They must love me for me. Super annoying when people ignore me and only want to adopt Bebop's because his ears flop. Seriously? It's about personality---not looks. What if I judged you on YOUR looks and not as the fun, loving person you truly are?
Anyway, that's it for my words of wisdom today. Now, give me a treat and some love.

Get over here to SaveABunny and adopt us already!


Wowzah, that was a riot! But I did it! I really stood up for myself!

Jitterbug's First Photoshoot

Aww shucks, do you really hafta show my baby pictures?