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Dec 16 2017
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.
Foster Home

Hi there. My name is Jenny (yes, 867-5309). How are you? I'm a feisty girl and they say I have a lot of spirit. Spirit and beauty in one package, that's me! See the drama in my eye makeup! My gorgeous dark ears! My delicate mouth!

Editor's note: Jenny was adopted for a short period but her human's housing situation fell through. He has this to say about Jenny:

Jenny is a very sassy rabbit, she tends to be pretty standoff-ish towards newer people but if you give her the attention and the love she deserves she’ll become very fond of you. Her favorite game to play is when its time for her pellets, if you lower the bowl into her living area she will rush to it, and if you move the bowl around she will chase and go under it! She like blankets cause she can go under them and make little forts. Her favorite treats are carrot top greens and a tiny bit of carrot on them. She’s also a big fan of her baby keys but she will also sometimes put them in her water bowl hence the sassiness. She’s a wonderful bunny and she deserves all the happiness in the world.

Whatcha doin' down there, time to get up! Jenny's a high-spirited girl with dramatic eye makeup and lots of energy --...

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Jenny's a bossy gal who, after working hard all week supervising the humans (her apartment overlooks the desk so she can...

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