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Flannery (Moreland Marilla 30)

Jul 10 2011
Shelter of Origin: 
Group Rescue: 
Moreland Group Rescue

Hi. My name is Marilla. I was named by a couple of little boys and their family who fostered me after my rescue. I am named after a street in their neighborhood!

My story is one that made the news back in 2009. I was one of over 100 rabbits rescued from a very sad situation in San Jose. We were all living in a very large warren on the grounds of a school in The Moreland school district in San Jose. It's said that about 10 years ago a teacher at the school abandoned two bunnies on the school property. Over the years the bunnies did what unaltered bunnies do and bred until their were hundreds of rabbits.

Not too longer after, cruelty set in and some teens were shooting and torturing the rabbits and other people let their dogs chase and kill the bunnies. There were dead bunnies all over and it was an incredibly tragic situation.

Several rescue groups joined together to help trap us, bring us to warm and safety and get us spayed and neutered.

It has been truly remarkable for people to see how gentle, sweet and loving we are despite our sad start. Our group is know as the "Moreland Rescue."

We are very social rabbits and are living in a group. We would be very lonely as a solo bunny, so must be adopted in pairs or as a companion to another rabbit.

Please meet me and my friends soon!