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Dec 28 2017
Foster Home

Hi ho, good chum! I’m Doofy! You know what I really like about my name? It’s really easy to say when you gots big bunny teeth. Doofy. Dooooo-FFFFy! You see, we bunnies may be fine when it comes to the written word, but boy golly, our dentition makes dictation a real drag!

Nah, we bunnies prefer to let our butts do the talking. So why don’t you watch me dance a fancy jig to see how happy I am? I’ll tell you, though, it sure would be nice to have a sidesteppin’ partner to boogie with. I mean to say, in no minced words, that I want to get adopted!

I’m in a foster home right now, so call up SaveABunny to set up a time to shimmy over here in double-time!