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Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Foster Home

My foster Mom is going to adopt me!

HI. My name is Decaf and I have a special story.
I am an older gentleman who was recently rescued in San Francisco. My humans left me at the shelter for euthanasia because they could not care for me and my health needs.

As you can see from the photos I have what is called a "malocclusion" and my teeth are a mess. They do not line up properly(genetic)and as a result my teeth grow out of control. Without help from people who care about me I would not be able to eat on my own or groom myself.

I am such a sweet guy and I really want to live and love people!

But, unfortunately, my hopes for a forever home are on hold, because I really need medical attention and dental surgery to remove my front teeth. I also have an eye infection from neglect and my dental issues.


The surgery is expensive (dental surgery can top $1000) and I am still fragile, but I really like my new life and want to live! I now know that people can be kind and I won't be abandoned or left to die alone. Please consider a donation to help with my medical expenses. I don't want to be a burden. I know there are younger bunnies out there and more "perfect" ones than me, but I really try to be a good boy. I am very grateful for all the love I am receiving and am humbly asking for you to please help me have a chance for a good life and time to heal.

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