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Constable Giggles

Oct 28 2018
Group Rescue: 
San Francisco Rescue January 2017

Hi there folks -- I AM BACK.

Stop! You there! You have violated the law! You now must pay a fine of precisely one kiss! Fines are payable to the county law enforcement officer, Constable Giggles.

Who is me. I am Constable Giggles (formerly Hershey). Fines are due immediately.

Hehehe that tickles! Your kisses are tickling me! Ah-ahem-no! I mean, I am an officer of the law, who is always serious! So you better take this fine business really super seriously!

No! What are you doing?! I shall not be bribed with your lovely stroking of my forehead!

Even if you get that spot right behind my ears… I- I mean! No!

I’m not getting sleepy either! It’s not like your petting is giving me the snoozles… I am always alert! Because I’m a police officer! So there!

I’m a police officer! I’m the law…! You better… respect…. that….. ZZZZZZZZ