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Jul 1 2015
Rohnert Park Animal Shelter


I'm Clarice. Like my namesake, Clarice Starling, I'm a survivor.

I was once a young lovely FBI agent, investigating the heinous crimes of a violent criminal from within. Sort of. He was a rabbit breeder.

Last year, on Christmas eve, SaveABunny rescued nineteen rabbits, including myself, from where we were being kept, awaiting our deaths.

Ed note: Clarice must be adopted to have a rabbit companion -- either another rabbit from SaveABunny or to be bonded with your own rabbit. She has been through so much, so we want to make sure she has a wonderful future with rabbit love.

Clarice and Holiday shred a foster contract for us to help out after Yukon and Flurry come back from foster. Thanks, girls! :)

Posted by SaveABunny on Sunday, February 15, 2015