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Chaplin and Rosie

Jul 1 2014
Shelter of Origin: 
Marin Humane Society
Foster Home

A Ringing Endorsement By Rosie and Chaplin's Foster Parents:

Rosie and Chaplin are a generally well-behaved (they are teenage rabbits after all!), easygoing pair of big hay-eaters who will impress you with their binky-ing agility.

It's fun to watch them as it's clear that nothing is as nice as cozying up to their sibling and best friend for a nice afternoon nap. While they enjoy bunny company, humans are okay too-- these hardy buns won't be too intimidated by your talents or stature, and if you offer them some carrot tops they may even get downright in your face friendly.

While an occasional poop may sneak out on the floor (doesn't that happen to everyone?), these are classy rabbits who know how to use the bathroom and maintain stringent hygiene standards. Rosie and Chaplin mostly enjoy water, hay, and a lush life of relaxation, rounded out by fresh veggies, pellets, and playing with their human companions.

Chaplin (check out his mustache!)is more of a chill guy who won't stop munching hay until there's a verified emergency, whereas Rosie (she's a Rex) is the adventurous type. In return for your willingness to share your home with both of these sweet, smart, spayed and neutered one year olds, they'll try to keep chewing and biting to a minimum, and will open their hearts to learning and loving with you.