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May 15 2016
Shelter of Origin: 
Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

I've been adopted along with my handsome love, Clipper!

Hello lovelies - My name is Catalina, like the luxurious island off the coast of California. I enjoy summering in Catalina so if you have a yacht, then that is a big plus! (Ed. note: Catalina kids!)

I know a lot about luxury. Although I have had some difficult times in my past, everyone who meets me tells me how my plush soft coat is the finest and thickest in the land, and how my clear beautiful blue eyes reminds them of a supermodel.

Let's get some personal training and life coaching together.

To reward ourselves for our hard work, we can follow that with a spa day.

We must not neglect our spiritual center, so how about a yoga retreat?

And finally, we can wind down with some sparking wine and a sunset picnic...