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Casey Moon and Wally

Jan 3 2015
Shelter of Origin: 
Peninsula Humane Society
Private Rescue

We've been adopted!
Hi! I'm Casey Moon (the lop) and this is my husbun, Wally! Isn't he dreamy?! (Wally: Isn't she dreamy?!) Oh stop, Wally! (blushes)

We're a loving couple with a bit of a sad story. You see, I was at SaveABunny before but my adoptive family got a puppy, and decided to dump us. But SaveABunny takes care of their own (that's us!) so now I'm back, and they promise me that this time we'll find our true family, one that will love us like we are meant to be loved. And we'll love you back, promise. Come by and let's see if it's you?