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Jul 4 2012
Shelter of Origin: 
Sonoma County Animal Control

HI! My name is Capone. Like Al Capone, famed Chicago mobster.
Though I try to act like a tough guy, the truth is that I am not really much of a gangster type. I like to play it tough at first---it's sort of a dwarf rabbit credo to be small and feisty! We all took the secret handshake and agreed to give people a bit of a hard time since they get so blinded by our incredible cuteness. When you only weigh 3 lbs you have to find ways to stand up for yourself!

My deal is that I am a busy guy with a lot of projects on my plate. I am not that interested in sitting still or being held and snuggled for long. That's what stuffed rabbit toys are for. I'd much rather be exploring and doing the bunny Indy 500 races around your house.

I know that with my dwarf and Dutch cuteness---and my bonus blue eye, that I am quite a catch for the right person. I like adults better than kids and an experienced rabbit guardian is most likely to enjoy my confidence.

Please visit me soon!