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Apr 1 2014
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

UPDATE: January 2015
Bunlet's family LOVES him and he is having a great time. Here is what they have to say about Bunlet!

"Bunlet (We usually call him bubba or bubbs)has become such a big part of our family since he first came to us in December of 2013. He has brought us together to play with him and love him which has been great for our family. He makes us all laugh when he does his binkies. He loves all the boxes (we call them his “houses”) we give him to sleep and hid in! His favorite treat is banana, as well as the banana peel which he tries to grab as well! Our whole extended family loves to play with him when they come over at Christmas and such. His favorite thing during the holidays is to try and eat the wrapping paper and Christmas tree! He's our crazy little white rabbit and we are so happy he is ours."

2/10/13 Bunlet gets photographed at the Valentine's day party

Bunlet is on cage rest to help with healing. However, he took a little time during our Valentine's day party to get some photos taken:


Bunlet is an incredibly sweet, loving and brave little baby bunny. He was found abandoned in a San Francisco park with a badly broken leg. It was recommended that we allow him to get euthanized because "no one wants white rabbits---especially one with a broken leg."

That statement broke my heart and was a deciding factor in rescuing him. Bunlet deserves to be loved and to have the chance to live a long,happy life doing binkies and dances like any other rabbit.


The reality is that we, and other rabbit rescues, DO have a hard time placing white rabbits with ruby colored eyes. Many people, even "bunny lovers" still discriminate against white rabbits and only want to adopt floppy-eared bunnies or dwarves. The white rabbits get euthanized at overcrowded shelters more than any other rabbits.

It's understandable that everyone has their favorite bunny looks and breeds (including me). However, when people primarily choose a bunny based on looks or breed they miss the joy of experiencing the full spectrum of rabbit personalities and connecting with their incredible spirits.

As someone who has met over 5,000 rabbits I can tell you that EACH rabbit is very special.

White bunnies are frequently the gentlest, calmest, most loving rabbits (they are considered to be the "golden retrievers" of the bunny world).

If you are looking to find a best friend and someone who will love you, there's no better companion than a lovely white rabbit, like Bunlet.