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Brown Sugar

In Memoriam

August 24, 2014.

Sad news about Brown Sugar.

I'm very sad to share the news that Brown Sugar, the tiniest bright spirit at SaveABunny, died very, very suddenly about an hour ago. She had a major seizure and died within minutes despite all efforts to save her and before anyone even had the chance to contact the vet. In her final moments, she was placed back with her mom, Peony, for comfort and to say goodbye.

Brown Sugar was always extremely fragile and her prognosis was always guarded, but Marcy did her best, hand feeding her 3 times a day, doing daily weigh-ins, and carefully monitoring her round the clock watching for the slightest change. But from the start Brown Sugar struggled to gain weight and grow, most likely from being born with intestines that were not properly formed. Despite this, Brown Sugar was a bright little star who loved being with her siblings and mom, and would try hard to play and binky as much as her healthy siblings. And she quickly became a Facebook star -- everyone who walked into SaveABunny knew exactly who she was and made a special point of visiting with her and giving her attention and gentle pets, which she loved.

In honor of Brown Sugar and her brief but very beautiful life, please spent an extra moment with your bunnies today as a reminder that time with them is so very precious.