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Bristol and her babies: Nano Puff and iHop Mini

Mar 1 2013
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

UPDATE 1/22/13

As babies grow up, moms may be eager to move on with their lives (Bristol has a busy social schedule with the bunny PTA). Bristol is scheduled to be spayed soon and is now living separately from her daughters. Bunny hormones were causing some problems with family dynamics!
Meet Bristol and her daughters, Nano Puff and iHop Mini.

Bristol was surrendered to San Francisco Animal Care and Control when she gave birth at her home. Only two of her babies survived. Her humans created a big problem when they bought an unfixed boy and unfixed girl at the pet store and let them "play " together.

Most of you are probably saying to yourself, "I can see where this is going since rabbits breed like---rabbits! Somehow, though, her humans were surprised their boy and girl bunnies had babies! Maybe it was magic? Or a miracle birth? Or then again, it was maybe just that rabbits act like rabbits and that's why it's important to spay and neuter to avoid pet over population.

Here are a bunch of baby photos of Nano Puff and iHop (both girls!)Mini at two weeks. Check back soon to see them grow!