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Blue Diamond

Jan 1 2015
Shelter of Origin: 
Marin Humane Society

HI. My name is Blue Diamond. I have gorgeous blue in my eyes and I am a real gem. I know that may sound corny to some people, but I am very loved here at SaveABunny.
I now live with a group of sanctuary rabbits and we all groom and snuggle each other ---all day! And, all night!

I am one of those bunnies who has had a tough life and really deserved much better. I'm an older girl now, probably at least 7 years old, though no one knows for sure.

Almost 2 years ago I went to live with a well-to-do family in Marin County. They said money was not an issue and would give me a great life. I was sweet, gentle and loving with the kids. Then the family nanny was given the task of returning me almost 2 years later.Even though this family had resources beyond many people's wildest dreams,my care was apparently "no longer in their budget" and their au pair was "too busy to give me my medication."

And it's so sad that a parent chose to send their 5 year old child along with the au pair to get rid of the family pet.

I am a nice country girl with good manners, so I try not to say harsh words about people. It's tough in this case, because I gave such unconditional love. Happily,I am loved for real by my bunny friends and all the people at SaveABunny.

Here's my original story...A Good Samaritan in Manteca, CA saw a car pull over to the side of the road and dump something out the door. That "something" was me. I was pretty shocked and didn't go anywhere , so the Good Samaritan was able to pick me up and rescue me.

He brought me to Marin Humane Society where I didn't pass the evaluation for adoption, so SaveABunny took me in. It looks like I wasn't especially well-cared for (no surprise)and I have some issues with my teeth. Also, when I was spayed, they found cancerous tumors---sadly, very common in older girl bunnies who are spayed late. So my prognosis is cautiously optimistic. There is a chance I might develop more cancer in a year. if not, then I may be fine longer term.
Did you know that it's estimated that female bunnies who are not spayed have an 80% chance of developing cancer by the time they are 3 years old?!

So, I am listed as a special needs bunny for my teeth and cancer possibility. But , I act perfectly normal and would love a chance to be your special bunny girl. Would you please consider taking a chance on me?