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Bloomer and Wildwood

Jun 22 2013
Shelter of Origin: 
Private Rescue

PDATE 6/22/13: Bloomer passed away suddenly on June 15 and Wildwood was devastated. So were we humans at SaveABunny. Wildwood is now happy again with his new girlfriend, "Muse", also from SaveABunny, and adoption into a forever home with people who love them both!

Hi. We are Bloomer (RIP_orange and white spayed rex girl) and Wildwood (wild-haired, neutered boy). We were rescued in 2010 as tiny babies from large group of bunnies in a sad, animal neglect situation in Oroville,CA. It was really dirty and there wasn't enough good food or clean water for so many bunnies.
You can see our "before" photos below.

However, despite being malnourished and very poorly cared for, we grew up healthy. We are sweet, gentle rabbits. We are just a little shy at first.Wildwood is an angora mix bunny and needs daily combing. Anyone who adopts us should enjoy brushing and grooming him every day and consider keepin me shaved down to avoid mats.
We love each other very much and must be adopted together. Please visit us soon!