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Big Sur

Mar 25 2018
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

Hello there, my name is Big Sur. I would greatly appreciate if you would stay a while and sit with me. In fact, I see you are equipped with not one, but two hands for petting! Perhaps I might convince you to use them? For petting my head?

Oh, it’s ok, don’t mind my ears. They may be different from most bunny ears, but people say they give me character! I think…. I think they came off when I was at that other place, the “meat rabbit place.” I don’t… I don’t really remember… It was really traumatic… I’m sorry…

I’m sorry. Sometimes, when I think about that place, I forget to eat my greens. But it’s ok! There are nice people here at SaveABunny who will sit with me and talk to me when that happens. Then I feel much better, and I remember how good greens taste! They’re really yummy.

Anyway, I’m at SaveABunny now and I’m super happy! I’m just waiting for someone to come visit me and fall in love with me. Someone who will sit with me when I eat my greens. Will you sit with me?