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Big Sur

Mar 25 2018
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

My story has a very happy ending!
I've been adopted by a very special family. I get to sleep on the bed and receive kisses all the time!

Hello there, my name is Big Sur. I am so happy to be alive and safe. I never knew humans could be so kind and caring. As you can see from my ears I came from a bad place. A rabbit meat farm where I was attacked, but somehow managed to escape. Now at SaveABunny I have the chance to heal.

I am a brave and strong boy. I have a lot I want to do now that I am no longer caged up for meat production. I get to play and binky, toss toys, savor my greens and chew up some cardboard or phone books. It's my second chance at life and I am gonna enjoy every moment.

Anyway, I’m at SaveABunny now and I’m super happy! I’m just waiting for someone to come visit me and fall in love with me.