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May 3 2012
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.
Group Rescue: 
Oakland Rescue June 2011

I've been adopted to a great home where I have a new,sexy and spayed bunny girlfriend named Carmella!
Hi! My name is Bieber and I am a very cute, happy, young guy. My story is pretty incredible and now I am ready for my happily ever after.

On Tuesday, June 22nd, the East Bay SPCA, Oakland Animal Services and Oakland Police confiscated 21 malnourished and abused rabbits at a home near Lake Merritt.
One of them was me!

We were all stacked on top of each other in filthy cages and no food or water was easily found. Our human keeper had only fed us cooked white rice. Officials described all of us bunnies as "frantic" for food and water.

The human was raising us for our meat. I was slated to be someone's dinner, and yet I have so much love and snuggles to give!

Several baby bunnies in the group suffered leg deformities in addition to the digestive illnesses, parasites and bite wounds discovered in the other rabbits due to the cramped and unsanitary conditions.

Our living conditions were deemed inhumane and all of us were seized. Oakland Animal Services, The East Bay SPCA and SaveABunny, worked closely together to provide medical attention and foster homes for those of us rabbits most in need of immediate intervention.

Current Status

Amazingly, despite the neglect and cruelty we endured all of us (including me!) have proven to be very sweet, friendly and trusting of people. We've also responded very well to treatment for malnutrition, intestinal parasites and digestive disorders resulting from our confinement. Next on the agenda is to get neutered.

Please visit me and my friends! We want to find our forever homes.

Importantly, SaveABunny is also seeking tax-deductible financial donations to help cover spay/ neuter and veterinary expenses for us in addition to qualified adopters and foster homes.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help with our rescue expenses!
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