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Oct 28 2017
Shelter of Origin: 
Santa Cruz Shelter

Hey there! Looking for excitement? Bunny antics? Bunny ears flopping around in an adorable, goofy way? Well, you've met your man.
I am a big, strong, athletic neutered boy who has endless energy. If there was a bunny olympics I would certainly win for high-jumping. I am an escape artist.

There is just so much to do, see and explore. I like to be really busy and have LOTS of room to play. i will keep you entertained and on your toes. Didn't completely bunny-proof your house? Forget about your cables. I'll chew those-- thank you very much. I'm certainly not lazy or boring.

If you like a rabbit to really be a rabbit, with all the curiousness, mischief and rambunctiousness that makes a rabbit happy, then you will love me.
And, did I mention that I am also really handsome?

Please visit me soon!