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Apr 16 2017
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Foster Home

Beats has been adopted by his foster family! Congratulations, Beats!!

Beats in another foster home! Yay, Beats!

Beats was in foster for a month (now back at SaveABunny), here is what his foster mom has to say:

My family fostered Beats. He is a delightful little spirit, loves to be petted and doted upon. He gets around fine, especially when he can cover some ground -- our living room rug was his racetrack. He has a little more trouble in close quarters or when he has to jump, as into a standard litter box. He has an interesting technique for grooming his ears with his hind feet too. Other than that, he's just a love sponge looking for someone willing to dish it out!

Beats (or Beats by Dre if you care to use his formal name) is back after spending a few weeks in foster. Beats has a...

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Beats arrived with neurological problems of unknown origin which makes him charmingly cross his front paws when he...

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