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Bea Dazzler

Mar 10 2018

Hey, I’m Bea Dazzler. Do you think you could help a bun accessorize? After all, I gotta live up to my namesake, yeah? The human Bea Dazzler is a volunteer at SaveABunny and she’s like, kinda my idol. Ohmygosh what if she reads this!

Anyway, yeah, I’ve tried rhinestones, but those were too much fun stick on my phone, so they’re out. And don’t say six-inch heels – you can forget trying to hop in those bad boys. I guess I could eat a strawberry for some flashy lipstick, but I’d hafta eat one every day… I gotta think about my blood sugar, okay Sugar?

I guess I’m just gonna hafta rely on my sparkling personality to make me shine! I’m gonna need it if I’m gonna get adopted!