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Mar 10 2012
Shelter of Origin: 
Rohnert Park Animal Shelter
San Jose Animal Services
Group Rescue: 
San Jose Rescue July 2011

I've been adopted!

Hi ! My name is Apollo, like the Greek Sun God, though I am a bit shyer and modest than a typical Greek god. I know I'm a handsome young guy, but I don't flaunt it.

My early start in life was not so great and I saw way more heartache than any young rabbit should have to endure. But it's amazing what love and good care can do. I was rescued as part of a large group of rabbits living without proper food, water or care in a San Jose neighborhood. I'll spare you the terrible details, but not all my rabbits friends were as lucky as me.

I was fostered by a great family with two girls who gave us SO much love. I never knew life could be that good!
I am now healthy, neutered and ready to find my forever home. Please visit me soon and I really hope you'll choose me!