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Anderson and Wanderlei

Mar 1 2012
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Foster Home


Anderson and Vanderlei, aka “Van Man and Andy”, are two very sweet, shy brothers who needed to learn they could trust people. They had a rough first year of life, and have taken some time to get used to proper care and love. They are high energy, and really like to explore and play. While they have made amazing progress in accepting love in their foster home, they are still a bit hesitant to take a whole lot of handling.

They have become very easy to handle and pick up, but they aren’t thrilled about it. Anderson has stopped nipping completely, but Van still gives a light nip if being held for too long. They both accept brushing and petting, though, and are very excited to get their daily veggies and pellets. These young guys need some room to run, and the best home would be with experienced bunny owners who understand they will take some time to get completely comfortable in their new home. I would keep them myself, but they don’t like the resident buns in their foster home. If you have a cat...good news! These guys aren’t bothered by the cats at all.

Please give these guys a chance. It will be so rewarding when you win their trust.

We are two young, playful brothers looking for a forever home where we can feel safe to discover out inner house buns. Because we were rescued from such a severely neglectful situation, we were named after two UFC tough guys.

Anderson (with the big spot on his nose) is okay being picked up and held, but Wanderlei is a little squirrely – we both like being pet, but need to be reminded.

Although we are sweet little guys, we are both a little nervous, but know that in a stable home with the right combination of love and patience, we will live up to our full house rabbit potential. And in the meantime, we will entertain you with our dancing and snuggling.