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Jun 16 2017
Shelter of Origin: 
Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

I've been adopted by a nice couple from Houston!

Hey there, folks, I’m the little man they call Alfalfa! You know what’s weird? Every time someone calls my name, bunnies all around my perk up like they’re getting food or something. Strange, right?

Well anyway, I’m told that I’m a wee button of a thing, but I don’t see it. As far as I’m concerned, my size is perfectly on point and none of your business any how! Let’s focus on what’s important, ‘kay guys?

I’ll tell you what’s important about me. Or, better yet, I’ll show ya! Because every time you come hoppin’ up to my cage, I’ll come hoppin’ up to you, that’s right. And my fur is so soft (it is a guy’s prerogative to keep his do up and done, after all), I’ll bet that you’ll just have to sit a while and pet me.

And sir you better believe that I’ll thump my feet if you try and leave me behind! You better be ready to pet me till one of us falls asleep! And that one of us will probably be me, so you better be ready to be a bunny bed.

So here’s the plan, hu-man. You get yourself all figured out with my boss, Marcy, and then get to scooting on over here! I just know I’m going to be adopted fast, so make sure it’s you who does the adopting!