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In Memoriam

UPDATE February 24, 2009

We just received the sad news from Leanne, Beth's adopter that Beth has passed away. Our hearts go out to Leanne and her family, and we also grieve Beth's loss. Each rabbit we meet is special and never fogotten. I rescued her personally and our volunteers also remembered Beth well.

From Leanne:
Beth was a very special girl who had a sad start that turned into a happily ever life after with Leanne and her family. Please read Leanne's touching tribute to Beth below:

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. It has been a hard week. Here is what we would like to add to Beth's Page. I'll include some pictures as well, if you want to put some of them up as well. The cat is Sundance, our 8-year old cat, she is also taking our loss very hard.

"Beth was the greatest bunny we've ever met, her story moved us to pay a visit to Save-a-Bunny "just to look". Little did we know that we would spend 15 minutes with Beth and want to take her home. Beth charmed us with her larger than life personality right then and there. She was our first rabbit and touched our lives in every way possible.

She was so very loving and even if she didn't like to be picked up too much she loved to be petted. We would love to hear her happy bunny noises when we petted her. Though she might not have been perfect in appearance she was perfect to us. When we got Beth we promised that we would keep her even if we moved to the moon, and we would have.

We lost her too soon, and we miss her ever day. Beth's passing has left empty spots in our day to day lives that she used to fill, from her greeting us in the morning as we came out into the living room to looking under a table or desk and seeing her little face looking back at us. She will always be a part of our lives, and we miss her so much."


Hi My name is Beth.
I was attacked by other rabbits and then left at the shelter with a very imperfect ear. Be sure to click on this photo to learn more. It doesn't affect my health at all, but sadly, my chances of adoption are affected. So many people only want cute, perfect little rabbits, they will walk right by a little gem like me.

I am a very gentle soul and would love to find a loving home where I will be treasured and well-cared for. I am very sweet and delightful bunny with very unusual fluffy fur.

I just found my forever home!