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Hi! My name is Pez. I am an unbelievably cute little baby boy bunny. I was orphaned at a very young age when my real mom escaped from a outdoor school yard hutch and was likely hit by a car or killed by a raccoon.

Here I am playing at my foster home. Look at me run and dance on the sofa while the dopey cat looks on. Haha-- What fun! I am a really playful, entertaining, little guy. Oops...back to my story....

My surrogate Mom, Madonna, accepted me into her family as one of her own. I was so happy to have a mommy and brothers and sisters again. I ran and danced all over the place and then flopped down right in the middle of my new family and took a nap!

I am just old enough to be adopted by someone who commits to have me neutered when I am old enough in about 2 months. I am a very social bunny and must be adopted either as a companion to another rabbit, or in a bonded pair with either my surrogate mom or brothers/sisters.

I love lots of attention and I am a great little bunny! Please come and meet me and my bunny family soon!

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