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Antoinette (Netti)

Antoinette (Netti)

I just found my forever home! 1/9/05
Here's what my new mom has to say about me:Hi Marcy and volunteers! Thought you'd like to know that the-bunny-previously-known-asNettie is fine and schlomming like a queen in her new room. Everything smells like hay...

When I adopted her, I talked to her all the way home and cuddled the bun yesterday night. Found myself weeping a bit over her abandonment, and really wanting to show her care and love with snuggles. (Karl snuck in a captured us on digital in the kodak moment, which I'll try to send later) I bunnyproofed the bathroom and got her supplies in there. She seemed a bit frightened and found solitude in the corner near the toliet, and was pooping around a bit. I was such the worried new mom!! My stomach was in knots. I woke up at five just to check and comfort her again.

I held her, brushed her with her new brush - she hunkered right down and closed her eyes. She's been fed a several carrot tops and spinach leaves, and her initial loss and fear has seemed to wear off for the most part. She's actually a bit sassy and definitely wants run of the whole house! But not yet - too many cords...

At the moment I feel I've entered the ranks of "crazy bunny lady". But we are both settling in fine, trying not to trip over one another and getting used to the idea of our new sweet but wacky, family addition.

Linda Loo

> she's warming up considerably. Loves to have me watch her sniff around, and checks on me to see if I'm watching. Jumped up on the couch. Comes when I call.

I am a young, healthy, spayed and VERY loving, gentle girl. I have soft gorgeous dappled gray fur and big brown eyes. I would be a wonderful companion for either first time or experienced bunny lovers. I might even enjoy finding a neutered bunny boyfriend.

A few weeks ago, SaveABunny received a call from a concerned Good Samaritan, named Frank, who had seen a bunny sitting by the side of the road in the Presidio park land. Frank said that he rode his bike there everyday and this was the first time he had seen the rabbit. The rabbit looked as if she had just been abandoned and was just waiting for someone to come back and get her.

That bunny was me.

Soon I became more fearful of cars and approaching humans, and would run and hide in the thick brush in the hillside. There was a coyote crossing nearby and hawks circling overhead. I quickly realized I was not safe.

Frank was unable to catch me to bring me to safety, so he called SaveABunny to ask for advice. For several days, volunteers did their best to coax me to safety with tempting treats of parsley, cilantro and banana, but I had learned to escape just out of reach.

Volunteers soon grew worried about my poor prospects for survival given that most domestic bunnies "set free" in parks and other areas soon die of starvation or by predator attack.

With assistance from San Francisco Animal Care and Control, SaveABunny volunteers brought a special net to the park to safely and humanely catch me. After crawling through brambles and poison oak for hours, I was finally "netted" and brought to safety. That's how I got my nickname "Netti."

I had fleas in my eyes, ears and fur and was very hungry. However, I was remarkably calm and relaxed even after such a survival ordeal.

I am so excited about my new start in life. I love to play and explore and am also happy sitting by your side on the sofa. I love my hay, my fresh greens and the simple luxury of a safe, loving home.