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Hi. My name is Leo.

I am a big, snuggly, affectionate and very personable New Zealand Red boy rabbit. I had a very scary and sad time and now I am happy to be alive. Please read my story below. It is very touching and aren't happy endings just wonderful?!
A good samaritan found me when her dog kept nosing at something hiding in the bushes. That "something" was me.

I was weak, injured, barely able to walk and starving. My fur was crusted with dirt, urine and feces and I was nearly bald in large patches from fur mites. My feet and legs were scalded from urine and I had open sores and ulcers on my legs and feet.

I was rushed to the animal shelter. There my sweet and loving disposition tugged at the hearts of the Monterey shelter staff who were gravely concerned over my pitiful condition and wanted to get me help.

In a dramatic and swiftly coordinated effort, I was picked up from the shelter by House Rabbit Society in Monterey and rushed to Rabbit Haven rescue where I was bathed and given toys and a warm safe blanket for my trip up to SaveABunny.

Upon my arrival at SaveABunny,devoted volunteers took turms cradling my tired and fragile body, while others finshed cleaning my matted fur and applied soothing medicine to my wounded feet and legs.

Feeling clean and safe I closed my eyes and fell asleep in their arms.

I was so severely neglected my muscles atrophied and made it hard for me to balance and move around much.I am also an older rabbit and have arthritis.

I am happy to report that I have been adopted by the incredible family that fostered me. They nursed me back to health, pampered and spoiled me and even let me have a hot, young girlfriend!

I give snuggles and kisses to show my gratitude.