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Foster Home

Hi. My name is Anastasia. I am an exquisitely beautiful, snowy white, regal, spayed standard Rex girl.

Just look into my deep, expressive eyes and you will see what a healing soul and special girl I am. I have a lot of love to share.

I'm currently living in a foster home where I amy be bonded with the resident bunny. I would really like a bunny companion. If the bonding works, I will be adopted. if it does not, I will still need a forever loving home.
So, watch this space for more information about me!

I'm a miracle bunny. My will to live and joy to be alive is remarkable.

I was brought into an animal shelter after likely being hit by a car. It seemed like I had also been out fending for myself and I was very neglected.

I had a broken shoulder, cuts and holes all over my long, slender ears, motor oil caked on my back and head, and I was starving and emaciated.

Needless to say, I was very depressed and lethargic.

I was so happy to go to my foster home.
Now I get as much delicious food as I want, love and snuggles and have a chance to run and play.

I went from being near dead to being a happy, sweet, loving and playful girl. I love to shake my ears with joy and run and dance to meet people.

Life is good again and I would love to find a forever home where I will be a cherished member of the family. I have a big heart, wise soul and am beautiful inside and out.

Will you adopt me and help me live happily ever after?