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Here's what Casey---Anton's new mom wants you to know!
Hi, I?m Casey. I adopted Anton a couple of weeks ago. I just thought I?d let you know how he?s doing.

He?s quite a happy little guy, very busy. He?s always getting into mischief. Somehow he?s learned how to get up onto my couch, so when I?m up there he?ll come and keep my company. He gets up onto my bookshelf sometimes and chews my books, but I?m always around to shoo him off.

Every day before school I set up his pen and put him in. When I get home I let him out (he?s always eager to romp around) and sometimes I give him a treat. Then I do my homework down on the floor with him. In the evening I take his pen out to the living room and he hangs out with the family. One of my cats is very interested in him and sometimes they play through the bars of the cage. We all make sure she?s on her best behavior.

Having Anton around is really a joy. When I lost my last rabbit, the room felt so empty. Now it?s full of life again. He?s such a cutie and a charmer; my friends just love him. He?s got a great appetite, and we?ve all found that he loves wheat grass. I?m so glad to have him and I?m looking forward to years of fun to come.

Thanks for the great friend!